We are hiring developers

a blog post by Colin

We're hiring developers

because we're growing

Come and join our amazing creative team where we'll help you develop your existing skills, learn new ones, and produce cutting edge, award winning work!

a blog post by Daniel

Why You Should Be Using Sketch #3

Sketch's special features: Pages & Artboards

Virtually every feature Sketch has is special. Even those MVP ‘expected’ features like text and exporting images is frankly tip top, so let’s take a run down of the features that I find useful day to day. Today we’re talking about pages and artboards. This is where it all begins folks.

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What to avoid at the 39th Norwich Beer Festival

We had beer

We tried all the beers so you don't have to.

a blog post by Perry

My first month with brew

By a very lucky boy.

I was very excited to start my new venture as a junior dev at Brew, taking my first step on the web development ladder doing a job I genuinely enjoy.

a blog post by Daniel

Lego, in the workplace? Grow up....

In the days of digital everything, we take a look at why here at Brew we're still using technology from 1932

We use Jira, we have planners, we have scrums. But you can't beat a bit of Lego, right?

a blog post by Daniel

Why You Should Be Using Sketch #2

Part 2. What makes a good web design program?

A public service for web designers.

a blog post by Daniel

Why You Should Be Using Sketch #1

Part 1. An introduction.

A public service for those who make pictures of web sites.

a blog post by brew digital

Welcome Peregrine

our new junior dev

Our new brewer Perry started today, what do we all think of him?

a blog post by brew digital

Dee's Leaving

Our junior dev is off

Our very talented developer Dee Howard is moving down to London and pastures new. Let's all help out her future biographer by documenting ‘Dee’s lost Norwich years’. Brewers, what is your favourite Dee Howard memory?

a blog post by brew digital

Digestives caramel flavour teacakes anyone?

Tasting McVities latest offering.